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Tina helps highly motivated, driven entrepreneurs elevate their businesses and their lives so that they can maximize on their own productivity, their own purpose and their own profitability. In addition, Tina helps adults, children, and teams elevate:

  • Their power of positive thinking

  • Their goal setting techniques

  • Turning their vision into reality

Give Tina an hour, she’ll map out your plan to make your vision a reality -- and you will start seeing results in less than 30 days!

Book a call here. 

See Yourself Grow was established in 2009 after Tina finished her certification program with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. She is a motivational speaker who helps adults, children and corporate teams focus on the Power of Positive Thinking, the Power of Goal Setting, the Power of Future Visioning, and the impact that all 3 of those areas have on people’s performance in work and in life. In December 2020, Tina was recognized as one of Brainz Magazines Top 500 Global List for her work as a Coach, Consultant and Entrepreneur.

Tina has also been working in the corporate world for twenty years in a Senior Role,  and won numerous TOP Leadership and Sales awards using all of her coaching techniques with all the teams that she has managed, while raising two beautiful daughters and living her best life with her best friend of 16 years.  

Tina possesses a wide variety of knowledge, skills and experiences that she is happy to share with YOU!

"Her ability to break down a business plan into small manageable steps was integral to my success but it was the way she held me ACCOUNTABLE that made all the difference!" - Jennifer O.

About Tina: About Me


When I was pregnant with my first child, I found out that my daughter was going to be born without one of her hands.  I had so many emotions at that time but perhaps the biggest one was fear of the unknown.  I'm someone who believes in conquering my fear through knowledge and a plan, and reached out to The War Amps.

War Amps has been an integral part of our lives.  Not only do they provide prosthetics to individuals that need them, they provide a community of support to the parents and the child which has been such a blessing for us.

War Amps has inspired me to make it my life mission to help 10,000 kids a year with their prosthetic needs live their best lives knowing that they may be differently-abled, however that will not hold them back from achieving their goals.

Please help me achieve this goal and make a donation today.

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